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BIKE MS: Louisiana - OCT. 6 & 7, 2012

150 Miles of Open Road Ahead
You've always been up for a challenge. And meeting this one can make a world of difference. Two days, 150 miles that will challenge you and reward you like no other cycling event. Will power versus fatigue. Training versus excuses. It’s time to ride the Louisiana Bike MS. Register Now!

Training Opportunities
Join a training rides and get prepared to boomerang (Hammond and back) in October! Training rides roll in July so mark your calendars!

TeamMS Wants You
Share your Bike MS experience by starting a team. Teams are a great way to build morale and demonstrate your community involvement. Any group of four or more people can form a team, and there are plenty of places to find members friends, family, your company or your community. Learn more about teams.

Pledges, Prizes, Prestige
Add up the dollars as the miles roll by. After registering, you’ll receive everything you need to collect contributions. And with our powerful online fundraising tools, we’ve made it even easier for your friends and family to contribute to your ride. Raise $500 or more and you’ll be eligible to win great prizes. Support a participant.

For all cyclists seeking a personal challenge and a world free of MS, Bike MS is the premier cycling series in the nation. With more than 100 extraordinary rides, the Bike MS experience is the ride of your life.  

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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Live Events

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