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Videos and DVDs

The following videos can be requested through your chapter, unless otherwise noted. For more information, call 1-800-FIGHT-MS or visit your chapter's website.

Newly Diagnosed

Straight Talk to the Newly Diagnosed
Produced by the National MS Society, New York City Chapter
Nine men and women with MS share their experiences and offer advice to two newly diagnosed individuals. Issues including employment, childbirth, exercise, and dating are addressed. VHS, 30 minutes.
  “But You Look So Well …”

“But You Look So Well …”
Produced by Geyer/Lindenmuth Productions
Focuses on several people newly diagnosed with MS—people who have no visible sign of the disease. Although the title sounds like a popular Society brochure ("But You Look So Good!")—not to mention many Society-affiliated self-help groups across the country—it was made by independent producers. VHS. 60 minutes. Read our review
To order: Contact audreygeyer@aol.com, (810) 225-7796


Timmy’s Journey to Understanding MSTimmy’s Journey to Understanding MS
Produced by the National MS Society

VHS or DVD format, 15 minutes

Timmy’s Journey to Understanding MS is an animated cartoon that shares a little boy’s (Timmy) adventure learning about MS. David Lander is the voice of Captain S’myelin, who is Timmy’s guide on his journey. The cartoon is an excellent resource to talk to children about MS.

We thank Janet O’Brien and the Allegheny District Chapter for conceiving of and developing the Timmy’s Journey cartoon project. To purchase a copy, please contact your chapter (1-800 FIGHT-MS).


Staying Healthy

Yogability and You™ with Shelley Sidelman Yogability and You™ with Shelley Sidelman
Produced by Yogabilityandyou
VHS, 60 minutes
Order through www.yogabilityandyou.com
  Yoga: For MS and Related Conditions Yoga: For MS and Related Conditions
Produced by Mobility Limited
VHS, 48 minutes
Order through Demos Publishing

Life Planning and Independence

Career Crossroads: Employment and MS
Produced by the National MS Society

Designed by employment and MS experts to help individuals living with MS remain in the workforce. The information is applicable to all people working with disabilities or chronic health conditions.
VHS or DVD format

Tips for Building Modular Ramps and Steps
Produced by Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
Instructions and step-by-step plans for building modular ramps and stairs. Companion to construction manual.
To order: Contact MCIL
MCIL, Suite 16, 1600 University Avenue West, St. Paul, MN 55104-3825
(651) 603-2029 (voice), (651) 603-2001 (TTY)


Produced by the National MS Society
The video was created for the opening of the 2001 National Leadership Conference and focuses on the many faces of multiple sclerosis—faces of people who have MS; faces of those who work to find the cause and cure; faces of families; faces of volunteers and staff. 4:30 minutes.

Advocacy Video
Produced by the National MS Society
This video highlights the importance of advocacy at the federal, state and local levels to people with MS.

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