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Experience Bike MS

An extraordinary experience for an extraordinary cause.

On any given weekend, it’s easy enough to find a cycling event. So what is it about Bike MS that makes it so special? Why do teams come back year after year? Why are more friendships forged and lasting bonds created? How is it that signing up to change people’s lives can lead to your own being changed?

It’s because we’re all in it together.

From the friendly competition to see who raises the most money, to group training rides with magic moments when we’re riding side by side. From the volunteers who hand out ice-cold popsicles when we need them most, to the cooks who serve up the most delicious post-ride dinners. From the drivers who have our stuff, to the drivers who have our backs. We all rely on and appreciate each other, savoring the joy, the triumphs and the connections on our journey together.

“In a nutshell, Bike MS represents the power of love, respect, inspiration, drive and altruism at its best.” Team Rehab United

No one can fully describe what it’s like to Bike MS—it’s something you must experience for yourself.


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