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Society Launches New National Magazine, Momentum

Momentum cover

(formerly InsideMS)

The magazine of the National MS Society

On November 1, 2007 the National MS Society's flagship magazine Momentum makes its debut. Replacing the familiar and popular InsideMS, this new 80-page quarterly, Momentum, responds to our readers' requests for more information on more topics that will both help people with MS move forward more easily with their lives post MS diagnosis and spotlight people, news, and events moving us closer to a world free of MS.

Starting in December 2007, Momentum Audio will accompany the print magazine, and will be available on the Web for all readers who are more comfortable with an audio format. Future issues of Momentum Audio will be available within ten days of print publication.

The new Momentum is distinguished by special sections, each marked by a signature color, to help readers select the stories that mean the most to them. MS is complex and unpredictable, different from person to person, and different at different times in life. Thus Momentum is designed to be a menu.

  • News Feed contains reports about current events, from federal policy changes to new Society initiatives.
  • The Cover Story may be several stories on a single theme, or one long look at an important topic.
  • Our Space focuses on life as lived by people with MS who are under 30.
  • Healthy Living is for everyone. In each issue, this section will review options from diet to humor and include an in-depth look at a common MS symptom.
  • MS Progressed will house articles of interest to those who face the losses incurred by progressive disease.
  • Money Matters takes on subjects from taxes to benefit programs, insurance to employment issues. It also includes a profile of a donor who has made supporting the MS movement a personal cause.
  • Research Now offers eight information-packed pages about what research is doing now to improve care and treatment—and to find the cures that will prevent MS, stop it from causing damage, or repair what it has done.

A standard “LOW VISION ALERT ” in extra large 14 point type will be in the front of each issue to aid those who have visual challenges. Book reviews may appear in the relevant section and advertising is accepted in the magazine, according to Society guidelines and conforming to all FDA regulations.

Like its predecessor, InsideMS, the new Momentum magazine is free to everyone with MS, to national and chapter volunteer leadership, and to all health-care professionals involved in MS care who are known to the Society.

Donors of $30 or more who request the magazine are also in the circulation as are event participants who give or get $1500 in a given year and request the magazine. The November issue will be sent to approximately 515,000 addresses, for an estimated readership of over 1 million.

Momentum will be mailed to the MS community on the following schedule:

Issue Date Mailed to Readers
Winter 2007-2008 November 1, 2007
Spring 2008 February 1, 2008
Summer 2008 May 1, 2008
Fall 2008 August 1, 2008

The Society's former national magazine, InsideMS, has completed its run. The premiere issue of InsideMS appeared in the winter of 1983, with Society founder Sylvia Lawry and then CEO Admiral Thor Hanson on the cover. The final issue, Volume 25, #4, was published in August, 2007.

Read the new Momentum | Read back issues of InsideMS

  Last updated November 20, 2007