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We Couldn’t Do It Without You

Thank you for your interest in connecting with others as a volunteer at Walk MS.
The success of Walk MS is directly related to the wonderful volunteers who help
make the event a great experience. We welcome volunteers with a wide range of
skills, talents, abilities and interests. Families, corporate groups, and individuals
are welcome to participate.

Your donation of time is greatly appreciated and needed to create successful events. From pre-event planning to day-of implementation, it takes hundreds of volunteers to make Walk MS successful.

The only requirement we have of you is a sincere desire to help us end MS forever.

Below are volunteer opportunities for the Lexington and Louisville walks scheduled for Saturday May 31. 

Volunteer Positions

Below are examples of some of the available volunteer positions.


Lexington - Saturday May 31, 7:30AM - 9AM

Join us in the morning to set up and prepare the site for the day's events.  This job involves lifting, walking, setting up banners, setting up water stops, setting up route signs etc....

Louisville - Friday May 30, 9:30AM - 1PM

Louisville - Saturday May 31, 6AM - 10AM

Join us in the morning to set up and prepare the site for the day’s events. Jobs may involve unloading and distributing supplies, setting up tables and chairs, and hanging banners and signage. It will involve a great deal of lifting and walking.


Lexington - Saturday May 31, 8:15AM - 10AM

Registration volunteers greet and check-in walkers, collect pledge envelopes, distribute t-shirts and provide general event information to walkers checking in. Registration volunteers will be trained on the specific process at mandatory training sessions the morning of the event.  If you belong to a civic organization, school club, church group etc... we would love to have you join us!  We have a lot of fun and could use a lot of people (about 20). 

Louisville - Saturday May 31, 7:15 AM - 10AM

Same as above, only we need about 40 volunteers.

Route Support (SAG) Drivers:

Lexington - Saturday May 31, 8AM - 11AM

Louisville - Saturday May 31, 7AM - 11AM

Support walkers along the route, transport walkers and supplies to various locations along the route or to the Start/Finish area, must be encouraging and enthusiastic to walkers, and report potential emergencies or problems along the route to the site leaders. These individuals will also help with transporting volunteers to water stops and setting up and cleaning up water stops.  We'll need about five people.  



Lexington: Saturday May 31, 8:30AM - 11AM

Amateur or professional alike...we need lots of photos! 

Louisville: Saturday May 31, 7:30AM - 12PM

We have one photographer but could use lots more to help with advocacy pictures, along the route and after the walk!  Amateur or professional!

Kids Zone & Extra Special Stuff:  

Lexington: Saturday May 31, 8:30AM - 12PM

Louisville: Saturday May 31, 7AM - 12PM

Comedians, face-painters, etc....  Help us make this day super awesome and fun for everyone!  At both locations we will also need responsible AND FUN adults to help supervise the bounce houses and ensure everyone is having a great time!

Medic Support:

Lexington: Saturday May 31, 8:30AM - 11AM

Louisville: Saturday May 31, 7:30AM - 12PM

Ensure all walkers have a safe and enjoyable experience by providing medical support as needed.

Finish Line Celebration:

Lexington: Saturday May 31, 10:30AM

Louisville: Saturday May 31, 10:30AM

Let's party! This is the time for celebration! Finish Line volunteers will cheer walkers across the finish line and celebrate with walkers as they return!

Tear Down:

Lexington: Saturday May 31, 11AM - 1PM

We need approximately 10 volunteers to help us with lifting, taking down banners, carrying supplies to our truck etc...

Louisville: Saturday May 31, 12PM - 2PM

We need approximately 15-20 volunteers to help us with lifting, taking down banners, carrying supplies to our truck, picking up garbage (we want to make sure we leave it cleaner than we found it) and help us unload at our office. 

Louisville: Saturday May 31, 3PM - 4PM

We need approximately 10 volunteers to help us unload our truck coming from Lexington at our office. 



When you register online, you will receive the same fundraising tools our walkers enjoy through the Participant Center. And, when you fundraise as a volunteer, you are eligible for the same great prizes available to walkers!

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