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Professionally Led Counseling Programs

In addition to physical symptoms, MS can have profound emotional consequences as well.  At first, it may be difficult to adjust to the diagnosis of a disorder, which is unpredictable, has a fluctuating course, and carries a risk of progressing over time.  Lack of knowledge about the disease adds to the anxieties commonly experienced by people who are newly diagnosed. 

Later on, if disease progression causes losses or changes in roles such as wage earner, spouse, or parent, there may be anger and frustration.  Additional stress can stem from loss of income or family problems related to the symptoms and disabilities of the person with MS.  Some people experience mood swings and/or uncontrollable laughter or crying.  It is also important to recognize that depression is very common in MS - even more so than in chronic illness.

The New Jersey Metro Chapter provides referrals to professional therapists who have experience with patients living with a chronic illness.  We also offer peer led  self-help groups that are specifically targeted to newly diagnosed individuals, spouses, couples, people with moderate symptoms, and others.  Phone counseling groups for homebound persons is also provided.  For more information about Professionally-Lead Counseling Programs, contact the Chapter at 1-800-344-4867 or 732-660-1005.

More information is located on our National website: