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Teens 4 MS is an organization working alongside the National MS Society and focusing on educating teens about what it means to live with multiple sclerosis, and helping teens that are in any way affected by the disease.

The idea came from the band Sexy Heroes In Transit, who see a lack of younger people getting involved in worthwhile causes, and using music as a way to involve them. By organizing benefit concerts, where these teens can get together and share experiences, and by selling their music and having proceeds go towards the National MS Society, these trailblazers hope to start a new movement of younger people and bands getting involved with organizations to make a difference.

My MS My Way

Accessible technology can offer customizable solutions to people with MS. Learn more
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Embark on landmark collaboration to help people with MS maintain their health and stay connected: My MS My Way
i'm making a difference
Every time you have an IM conversation using Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft will donate a portion of its advertising revenue to National MS Society. Visit im.live.com to join now.
Talkin' Teens
A chat room on MSWorld for teens with MS is open to teens ages 13-18. The chat room will be open every Thursday at 7 pm ET. Teens must register with MSWorld in order to participate in the chat room; participants will need to be pre-approved by the moderator.
How to register:
  • Go to http://www.msworld.org/
  • Click on "sign up for MSWorld" at the top of the page
  • Read and agree to the Forum/Chat rules
  • Complete the registration information then click on "Complete Registration" 
  • Send your login username to joycecoc@msworld.org
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