The Anatomy of a Mud Obstacle Runner

What do you wear to such a muck-tastic event? This covers most of the items that mud and obstacle course runners wear. The fashion department at MuckFest® MS encourages our muckers to show off their personality and team spirit when customizing their mucky event day look!

What’s a “mucker,” you ask? A mucker is what we call our mud and obstacle course participants here at MuckFest MS. Muckers come in all shapes and sizes. Athletic prowess is definitely not required to tackle our 5K run full of mud and outrageous obstacles. We spin, swing and fling our muckers up, down and sideways, and the only cramp they get is from laughing too hard with their teammates.

Speaking of teams—imagine you and your friends, family, and muckiest colleagues rocking matching team attire out there on the fun run course, smiling as you pose for your new profile pic. Just don’t forget to wipe that dirty smile off your face when you jump into a puddle of muck out on the course!

Ready to Muck?

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The Anatomy of a Mud Obstacle Runner