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Multiple Sclerosis Teleconference Series

Please join us for free teleconferences the 2nd Tuesday of every month from October 2008-September 2009. Archived versions will be available for online listening after each teleconference. You can access them by pressing the PLAY button below.  To register for an upcoming teleconference, select the teleconference title.

October 14, 2008

Hidden Disabilities

Michael D. Chafetz, PhD, ABPP, neuro-psychologist, will present on how multiple sclerosis can affect people as a hidden disability as it relates to cognition, emotions and social wellbeing.  Learn how these challenges can be identified, managed and assessed for rehabilitation, employment or SSDI.

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November 11, 2008

Dealing with Cognitive Issues

Frequent cognitive changes often pose a consistent challenge for people with MS.  Shirley M. Koehler, PhD, ABPP, neuro-psychologist, will share  the effects of MS on cognitive function and  explain tools used to evaluate functionality and treatment options.

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December 9, 2008

Spirituality & MS

Research supports the idea that people heal faster when they are at peace, relaxed, and connected to a power greater than the body and mind alone.  Spirituality can provide that connection. Enjoy hearing John Jordan, MSW, LCSW, Vice President of Clinical Services at United Family Services, and gain tools to better understand your spirituality and find meaning in life with MS.

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January 13, 2009

Diet & MS: The Nutrition Connection

Join us to learn about meal preparation, eating healthy to manage fatigue as well as nutrition facts that can affect MS.  Our speaker is Denise Nowack is a Registered Dietician and Executive VP of the National MS Society Southern California Chapter.  Few people know MS and nutrition as well as Denise does.  This is a great way to start the new year.


February 10, 2009

Relationship Matters: For Couples

Having a satisfactory relationship is hard work even in the best of times.  MS can make it even harder. The National MS Society Relationship Matters program exists to help you and your partner minimize the impact of MS on your lives.  Enjoy an overview of this wonderful free program by Manager, Lara Rezzarday.


March 10, 2009

To Work or Not to Work?

An important first step for anyone considering a workplace change is to understand what appropriate job opportunities are available to them.  Hear  Steve Nissen, M.S., Director of Employment Programs with the National MS Society National Capitol Chapter,  discuss       resources available to you and options for you to consider when thinking about a job change or new employment.


April 14, 2009

Financial Planning

Do you have a financial plan for the future?  Are you confused about where to begin?  Ameriprise consultant Patrick Cummings will share great long term planning tips to get you started!


May 12, 2009

Sleep—What’s That?

The lack of sleep impacts all aspects of our lives.  Dr. John Witt, Neurologist with Middle TN Medical Center, will provide insight into sleep disorders, diagnosis and treatment.


June 9, 2009

Bring it ON! 
Leisure Skills for Life  Beyond Disability

This presentation will help people with MS stay active and independent with a focus on everyday life activities as well as travel tips.  Presented by recreational therapists Kelly Edens, CTRS and Tara MacCaughelty, CTRS  from the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA.


July 14, 2009

The Path to Scientific Discovery, Treatments & a Cure

Learn about new MS therapies that are in clinical trials and future research focusing on determining the  cause and cure of MS.  John Richert, M.D. , Executive Vice President of Research and Clinical Programs, National MS Society, is uniquely qualified to share a broad perspective on the current status of research around the world.


August 11, 2009

MS: A Perspective on the African American Experience

Dr. Mary Hughes, Co-Director of the Augusta Multiple Sclerosis Center, will
discuss disparities that African Americans may experience in access to health care, differences in type of health care accessed, disease course and symptoms that may be unique for the African American population.


September 8, 2009

Get Your Camera in Focus:  Eye on MS

This program will describe the way the eye sees and moves, review eye problems associated with MS and detail optic neuritis in terms of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The presenter will be Associate Professor and Director of Neuro-Ophthalmology Service at Duke Medical Center,  Dr. Tariq Bhatti.