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MSM Denbury bike team

Name:  Denbury Resources Inc.

Connection to MS movement:  We are the host sponsor for the Mississippi MS 150 Bike Ride.

Occupation/Hobbies: (what your organization does)  Denbury is the largest oil and gas exploration firm in Mississippi.  We have over 350 employees in Mississippi (700+ total).

What I’ve done to join the movement:  Denbury has committed to our second year as host sponsor.  This is our fifth year to enter a biking team for the ride.  We also sponsor a lunch stop and a rest stop during the ride.

What I’m doing during MS Awareness Week:  We will be sending out a donation request letter to our oil and gas vendors in the state of Mississippi.  Denbury challenges its vendors by letting them know we will match their donations.  Internal notices will be sent to our employees regarding MS Awareness Week.

What does being a part of the MS movement mean to me:  It gives us a chance to raise money as a team for a cause that somehow touches most employees.