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MS Movers
oving to Keep Those with MS Connected

Dennis Huntley is helping the Mid Jersey Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society connect those living with multiple sclerosis who are homebound or isolated in assisted living facilities to the internet and with their family, friends, and loved ones. Dennis is the volunteer coordinator of the chapter’s computer outreach program.

The program is designed to provide those who are isolated another avenue in which they can connect with their loved ones instantly from the comfort of their own room. It provides them with a computer that is set up to connect to the internet and send and receive e-mail or enter on-line chats. Additionally, one of the other terrific benefits to this service is that it increases the participant’s ability to take advantage the National MS Society’s programs such as: MS Learn On-Line; MS on-line resources and latest information, and MS chat areas.

Dennis Huntley
As the volunteer coordinator Dennis works with the chapter to help identify the special software or special needs that the member will require on their computer. Once all the needs are identified he refurbishes an old pc that was donated or puts together a new system using existing parts and customizes it for that person. Upon completion Dennis personally delivers the computer to their residence and sets up the system for them. He then shows them how to access the internet so they can get started catching up with family or researching new information about MS.

Dennis was diagnosed with MS in June of 2003. Despite his fear he knew immediately that he wouldn't succumb to the disease without a fight. He threw himself in to finding out more about the disease and helping others who have it. In addition to volunteering as the coordinator of the program Dennis runs a MS support group in Ocean Township, participates in Walk MS, is an advocate for Teva Neuroscience and volunteers at Chapter programs and events. “Making Connections, our support group, is a place where sharing experiences can provide support, education and lasting connections. The Computer Outreach Program gives me the satisfaction of knowing I still can contribute in some way”, says Dennis. Dennis is a perfect match to be the administrator of this program. His professional expertise is in computer technical support and having MS he understands the needs of those who will be participating in the program”, says Michael Elkow, President of the Mid Jersey Chapter. Click here to find out more about his Walk MS team.