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Pete the Planner's new book,
"What Your Dad Never Taught

You About Budgeting"

A funny book about a serious topic...
available in our Lending Library!

Meet "Pete the Planner"!

Hi, my name is Peter Dunn and welcome to my new Question and Answer site.  You can also find me in the Indiana State Chapter newsletter.  It's nice to have you here.  My friends call me "Pete the Planner."

I am volunteer with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and a financial advisor who specializes in budget counseling, retirement planning and estate planning. 

The Indiana State Chapter wants you to have as many resources as possible to make sound and informed financial decisions.  Through this program, I can address your financial concerns, whether directly related to money issues surrounding multiple sclerosis or if your questions are just asking for a little financial wisdom.  This is why we are here!

The two most stressful things in life are health and money.  Proper money management can help you alleviate some of the stress along your journey.  My hope is that we can make some of your money worries disappear.  Please write to me at:

NMSS- Indiana State Chapter
Attn: Pete the Planner
7301 Georgetown Rd. Ste. 112
Indianapolis, IN 46268
or email me at

Talk to you soon,
Pete the Planner