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What will you do?

 Each one of us can do something about MS now.

Volunteer, Advocate, Educate, Donate

When you participate in a MS event, you become a part of the powerful movement that will end MS forever.

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    Orange Arrown (Right)Donate to your favorite U.G.L.Y. Establishments 

    Walk MS

    Bike MS


    Increase awareness and show your support for the MS movement! Choose from Society apparel, jewelry and accessories. 

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    Join the Movement; to create world free of MS 

    MS Connection

     MS Awareness Week

    What's New!

    From fundraising to research see what's new in the fight against MS!

    MS Stops People From Moving. We Exist to Make Sure It Doesn't.

    If you or someone you know has MS, we can help. Services include:

  • Information/referral
  • Medical transportation
  • Home care
  • Family programs
  • Workshops
  • Self-help groups
  • Medical equipment
  • Financial assistance
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    Promise 2010

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    Looking for the Mark you created on the Join the Movement site?

    It's still there, just visit

    Connect with Others
    I'm Making a Difference

    MS World Chat Room

    Face of MS 

    Real Talk...Real Answers

    My MS..My Way

    Fast Forward


     More Online Tools

    Learn MS Online
    Live and archived webcasts on a variety of topics in English and Spanish.
    Find an Upcoming Webcast

    Moving Forward Film Festival

    MS films available on YouTube

    Faces of MS

    Connect with others who lives are affected by multiple sclerosis, whether it be from living with MS, caring for a loved one, or supporting the MS cause. Visit Personal Connections to MS


    Live Events

    Please check back as events are added regularly!