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Children's Programs

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that effects the whole family.  Children may be scared or confused about how MS might affect their mother or father and are often reluctant to ask questions about it out of concern that they might upset their parents.  Additionally, families may find that the children take on more typically adult responsibilities to assist their parents with MS.  As such, the Chapter offers programs specially designed for children with a parent with MS.  These programs give children both the opportunity to take a break from extra responsiblities, connect with other children who have a parent with MS, and learn more about the disease at an age appropriate level from trained staff.  Some of the programs are as follows: 

  • Kids' Camp:  Once a year children who have a parent with MS get together in for a weekend filled with activities and fun!  Making friends, singing songs, taking nature walks, and playing sports.

For more info on any of the children's program contact the Programs Department at 1-800-344-4867 or 732-660-1005.

Additional information  is located on our National website:

When a Parent has MS: A Teenager's Guide - for older children and teenagers who have a parent with MS.

Inside MS: Teens - stories, poetry, and art by teens for teens.

Someone You Know has MS: A Book for Families - for children ages 5-12 for children who have a parent with MS.

Keep S'myelin - a full color newsletter for children ages 5 to 12.