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Do you know these 7 facts about MS?
From disproved theories to incredible scientific discoveries, our quiz is full of information you may not know about MS. Read each statement below and decide if it's "True" or "False." Then fill in your information and click submit to see how you did. The answers might surprise you, and you're sure to learn more about how far we've come in our work to create a world free of MS.
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Living with a dog or other small pet increases risk for MS.

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Salsa dancing may be helpful for some people living with MS.

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Popular diets, like the Mediterranean diet, put women at a higher risk for MS.

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Playing a brain training videogame could increase cognitive skills in people with MS.

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Several studies have suggested a link between MS and viruses like Epstein-Barr and human herpes virus 6.

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The bacteria in a person's gut may be able to help reduce the impact of immune attacks in MS.

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Vitamin D levels seem to be tied to MS progression.

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