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Providing accurate, up-to-date information to individuals with MS, their families, and healthcare providers is central to our mission.

Access information on a variety of MS-related basics—for those who are newly diagnosed as well as those who have been living with MS.

 What Is Multiple Sclerosis?
  Definition of the disease and description of the four clinical courses
 What Causes MS?
  The factors that may be responsible for MS
 Who Gets MS?
  Why some individuals are more likely than others to develop MS
 Symptoms of MS
  The symptoms of MS are highly variable, depending on the areas of the central nervous system that have been affected
 Diagnosis of MS
  Several tests and procedures are needed to diagnose MS
 The History of MS
  The history of multiple sclerosis is a detective story spanning more than a century
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 Multiple Sclerosis International Federation
Information about MS in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Russian. International Portal provides access to member MS Societies around the world.
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MS Learn Online presents
Starting with the Basics

The Facts on MS

The Clinical Courses in MS
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Myths About MS
Clearing up some mis-conceptions you may have heard about MS.
Know the myths about MS

What is an exacerbation? How is it treated?
Learn about exacerbations


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The magazine of the National MS Society

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Newly Diagnosed

If you or someone close to you has recently been given a diagnosis of MS, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. We can help.
Information for People Newly Diagnosed

Living with MS

For people who live with MS. Includes effects of MS on daily life, personal stories, and more.
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Read about medications used in treating MS, current disease-modifying drugs, and find treatment locations in your area.
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Last updated November 20, 2007