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Just E's Support Team

Just E's Support Team

This is Why I Walk

Walking is important to me because of the obvious I CAN, so I made a promise that so long as I can walk I WILL...

After having my first attack in December of 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, during my time spent in the hospital I read so much about Multiple Sclerosis and learned a lot about the disease. By reading I learned that the numbness probably wasn't my first attack and more than likely will not be my last attack. I learned that attacks can be as serious as not being able to walk or move, but I also learned that I will be able to live a normal life with the right treatments. After getting over the emotional affect my diagnosis had caused I decided to be strong and help educate others who knew as little as me about the disease before I was diagnosed. I started with my inner circle, my family and friends; I spoke to them about what exactly was MS and the side effects and symptoms that MS may cause. I loved talking to others who knew about the disease as well, and I knew that being involved would help me stay strong and positive.

One of my first projects was enrolling in the MS WALK; I created a Team and set a goal. I wanted to walk because MS was now a part of my life and with the help of others we can help find a cure and help with treatments. Raising money for such a positive cause can only make me proud, I feel like if I was diagnosed because the walk needed another team, and others needed to be educated about the disease, one that can affect anyone of us. I walk with over 80 of my friends, and I will continue to be involved as much as possible because I believe that I can help. I mainly walk because I have faith that in time I will be CURED.

Just E's Support Team is now national, nothing makes me smile harder. Thanks to those friends of mine who thought "If she can do it why can't I" they dedicate a lot of their time and love to help me raise money with the hopes of one day being a huge part of the finding a CURE... I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DAY THAT WE BEAT MS!

FREE OF MS is a dream I plan on living! Together we can do it!

Contact me Emily if you would like to be a part of this great fight!

Teams in Philadelphia, Florida (Ft.Laurderdale, Tampa, and Orlando) and NEW YORK!!!

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