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Pillars of Society

Leaving a Legacy
Remember the heart-stopping moment you learned a loved one or someone else you know had multiple sclerosis? And how you wished you could help? Here’s one way you can. You can help us in our quest for new treatments, to improve quality of life for those affected by this unpredictable disease, and provide hope for a cure through the promise of research by becoming a Pillars of Society member.

The Pillars of Society is the National MS Society’s recognition program that acknowledges individuals and families who have remembered the Society through a bequest, gift annuity, or other deferred gift. To date, there are more than 200 Pillars of Society members throughout the country. Won’t you join us?

By Joining the Pillars of Society, You Will Enjoy Many Rewards
Besides the personal joy of knowing you have contributed to the well-being of others, you will receive special acknowledgement for joining Pillars. As a member, you will be recognized in National MS Society publications—with your permission. In addition, you will be invited to local programs and activities and will receive special mailings keeping you current on the valuable work of the National MS Society. Your participation will ensure the continuation of our important work to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. Your gift will create a personal legacy of hope for others.

Pillars of Society

For more information
To request a copy of the membership form—or for more information, contact Gillian Smith.


Planned Giving
You can give through your will, gift annuities, charitable trusts, … and more.

Let Us Know

If you have named the National MS Society in your estate plans, please inform us so that we might recognize your dedication, and so that your example might inspire others to leave a legacy.

If you request to remain anonymous, your gift will be kept completely confidential. However, recognition of your gift might encourage others to do the same. Whatever you request, we will honor your wishes because we appreciate your support immensely.

MS is a lifelong disease. Your gift ensures that our programs and research will end the devastating effects of MS. Because these types of gifts represent an expression of lifetime commitment to the National MS Society, the Pillars of Society has no minimum gift level and membership is for life.

We Invite You to Become a Member
There has never been a more promising time to intensify the attack on MS. If you have already included the National MS Society in your estate plans, or have made another deferred gift, you can become a member simply by contacting Gillian Smith at 1-800-923-7727 or e-mailing

  Last updated December 8, 2006