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Youth Against MS (YAMS)
Kaley Zeitouni (third from left) and fellow YAMS
Kaley Zeitouni (third from left) and fellow YAMS
Youth Against MS (YAMS) is a unique non-profit organization in that it is established and managed by teens with a mission dedicated to raising awareness about multiple sclerosis among children and teens.

Founded by Kaley Zeitouni of Southern California, who was diagnosed with MS at the age of 12, the YAMS official board of directors is run completely by individuals under the age of 18. To keep the program self-perpetuating and geared toward young people, the organization started Junior YAMS. Each board member mentors a younger person for a year. That junior members then take their mentors' place on the board when the former group graduate from high school.

YAMS has raised over $115,000 since it first began as an MS Walk team in 2000. All of the proceeds go to the National MS Society to support MS research and fund services to enhance the lives of people with MS. Currently the National MS Society is helping YAMS establish new YAMS groups at Society chapters all across the country. Please contact your local chapter for more information or visit www.youthagainstms.org/.

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