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Dental Health: The Basic Facts

People with a chronic disease may neglect their general health and wellness, research shows. Dental care is no exception. A tendency to focus on MS-related needs may divert people’s attention from appropriate dental care. People with significant fatigue and/or mobility impairment may find office visits beyond those required for their MS care to be particularly difficult to manage.


Elements of Good Care

Routine Dental Visits and
Common Dental Problems that May Be Identified

Dental care and MS symptoms



The basic fact is healthy teeth and gums are essential for:

  • Preventing infections which may cause MS symptoms to increase
  • Promoting good digestion and proper nutrition
  • Enhancing the enjoyment of food and social activities
  • Maintaining appearance

The truth about mercury amalgam

There have been claims over the years that mercury leaking from amalgam dental fillings damages the immune system and causes a broad range of diseases, including MS. While the cause of MS remains unknown, there is no scientific evidence that heavy metal poisoning is responsible for either the onset or worsening of MS. There is no reason to have your dental fillings removed or replaced. This is a very expensive procedure with no proven benefit for people with MS.

For additional information
 Preventive Care Recommendations for Adults with MS (PDF)
 Medications Used in MS

By Aviva L. Andreen, DDS, Attending Dentist, Special Care Treatment Center, New Jersey Dental School, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

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