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Just the Facts: 2006-2007
Frequently asked questions about multiple sclerosis
and the National MS Society

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LIFE SITUATION: We're very confused. My wife was just diagnosed with MS and we have many unanswered questions.
The National MS Society offers accurate information and empowering programs. “Knowledge is Power”—a free six-week educational series is a good way to begin. Sign up on our Web site or contact your chapter. Your chapter has a face-to-face educational program specifically for people who have just been diagnosed. They will also send you a packet of literature. If you ask, they will help you find another person with MS to talk to.

LIFE SITUATION: I’m so depressed. I’m at home with a newborn baby and I just had an exacerbation. My symptoms are odd and nobody can explain them. Can you help?
The National MS Society offers referrals to physicians and allied health professionals, MS clinical centers, phone groups, and peer support. Chapters have access to our national Information Resource Center, where specialists research difficult questions. Professionals in MS care can access our Professional Resource Center by e-mail or a toll-free telephone call.

LIFE SITUATION: My MS has worsened and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get around the office.
The National MS Society offers information about your rights in the workplace, work site consultations, information for employers, and support of guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

LIFE SITUATION: I am unable to see an appropriate specialist quickly in my managed care health group.
Legal referrals are available at your chapter. In addition, organized volunteer advocates are working with state and federal legislators to achieve quality health care. You are invited to join.

LIFE SITUATION: I can’t cross the street in my neighborhood because there are no curb cuts.
National MS Society volunteers work to secure accessibility in our communities. Talk to your chapter’s Government Relations Committee.

LIFE SITUATION: My mother is having some memory problems and I’m afraid that she is going to get worse.
The National MS Society offers reassuring information, self-help groups, and referrals to experts familiar with these problems.

LIFE SITUATION: Help! My scooter is being repaired and I have no way of getting around until it’s fixed.
The National MS Society offers emergency equipment loans and equipment assistance.

LIFE SITUATION: I am so tired and my husband doesn’t understand that I’m fighting fatigue. He wonders why I don’t try harder.
The National MS Society offers education about MS, referral to family counselors and community resources, and to occupational or physical therapists who may help. Many chapters have family programs that combine recreation and education.

LIFE SITUATION: I want to start an exercise program but I’m not sure what to do or not do.
The National MS Society offers referrals to area medical and physical therapy resources. Some chapters sponsor exercise classes and aquatics programs. Others can refer callers to MS-friendly programs.

LIFE SITUATION: I want to keep up-to-date on advances in MS research and treatments.
The National MS Society supplies information on the telephone, in chapter newsletters, in brochures and pamphlets, and in the national magazine, InsideMS. The Society’s Web site is available 24/7. It carries breaking news, background facts, and regular “MS Learn Online” Webcasts, presenting experts who discuss specific topics such as wellness, mobility, or sexuality.

LIFE SITUATION: My dad is in a wheelchair and the kids at school think that’s weird.
The National MS Society offers family programs that combine education, disability awareness, counseling, and fun. Some chapters have special programs for children or teens. Our award-winning children’s newsletter, Keep S’myelin and the exciting new Teen InsideMS are available free on our Web site. The children’s newsletter is also available in print from chapter offices.

LIFE SITUATION: My best friend saw an MS cure on the Internet. Why don’t you tell people about this?
We rely on an international board of scientific and medical experts in MS for advice about safe and effective treatments. The home page on our Web site always lists breaking news and your chapter will be able to answer questions.

LIFE SITUATION: I am in search of an understanding neurologist who knows MS.
The National MS Society offers physician referrals and information about nearby MS centers and clinics.

LIFE SITUATION: Sometimes I feel so alone and would like to talk to other people who have MS.
National MS Society chapters offer more than 1,800 support groups, 250 client education programs, and many family programs every year. Peer counseling and telephone support are available on the spot in most chapters. Just pick up the phone.


MS Facts | National MS Society Facts | The Society in People Terms

  Last updated August 17, 2007