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MS and the Mind


MS is not a disease that plays fair. It takes unexpected turns at unexpected times. No one, not the person who has MS nor the most experienced MS specialist in the land, can predict with certainty what any one person's MS may do. This special section deals with things MS may do to a person's mind—the “thinking” or cognitive functions, and the emotions.

May do—or may not do. No article in this special section will speak to all personal experiences of MS. But all have been prepared in the belief that knowledge is power.

Experts and people living with MS agree that there are many ways to compensate for mental symptoms. A sense of humor and a bit of patience were mentioned by everyone. These are not hopeless problems.

Still, we know this subject is not an easy one. If anything you read here leaves you concerned or distressed—please tell someone you trust. Get support for how you feel and what you think. Get help with your next decisions. Light a candle for yourself and others.

About MS and MY Mind
Readers share experiences and coping tips.

Depression: My Story
by Shelley Peterman Schwarz
The author looks back at her battles with clinical depression over 20 years.

Depression: The Doctors Are In
by Henry Hample
Two researchers talk about prevalence, medications, psychotherapy, and new theories about MS and depression.

Memory and Problem Solving
by Martha Jablow
These are the two most common glitches when MS affects thinking.

An Ocean of Emotion: Mood Swings, Anger, and Uncontrollable Laughing and Crying
by Cynthia Arnold
For some, emotions swing wildly—or they aren't appropriate.

The Devil of Denial
by Karen J. Zielinski
Coming to grips with cognitive problems isn't easy.

  Last updated May 2006