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When A Parent Has MS: A Teenager’s Guide
by Diane O’Connell with the Programs staff of the National MS Society


This booklet explores the experiences of some people whose parents have MS. Some are teenagers and some are young adults who remember what it was like. Their problems range from minor annoyances, like having to be extra careful not to leave things on the floor, to deeper emotions of anger, embarrassment, and guilt. They agreed to share their stories and suggest some ways of dealing with what happens when a parent (or someone else at home) has MS.



How Your Parent’s MS Affects You lays out some common experiences.

What You May Not Know About MS describes some invisible MS symptoms that may be making home life harder.

Speaking Up for Yourself gives strategies for opening up tough topics.

Taking Care of Yourself offers practical ideas on coping with the stresses.

The Good Stuff. Surprise! There are some real benefits to having a parent with MS.





Additional resource
Teen InsideMS—Web zine for teens.
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