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April-May 2007
Volume 25, Issue 2

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A New Tool

The MS Workbook

Living Fully with Multiple Sclerosis

by Robert T. Fraser, PhD; George H. Kraft, MD, MS; Dawn M. Ehde, PhD; and Kurt L. Johnson, PhD


book coverA comprehensive guide to self-management, The MS Workbook offers concrete practical tools for handling a raft of essential topics. From optimizing your medical team to maintaining sexual intimacy to considering alternative and complementary medicine, this workbook leads users to a greater sense of empowerment. Each of the 14 chapters provides a clear introduction to a topic, outlines the obstacles a person living with MS may encounter, and supplies problem-solving checklists, worksheets, exercises, and self-assessment tools. While the information was all up-to-date at publication, the authors handily include resources for locating more current data on every topic.

The workbook format allows readers to concentrate on the chapters that are currently most relevant to their lives. Because of this, there is some redundancy in the materials covered, especially in the chapters addressing psychotherapy, behaviors to promote health, and managing emotional challenges. Nevertheless, the information is always consistent and the stand-alone chapters, when read together, reinforce each other.

As a whole, The MS Workbook is well-written, honest, and empowering. I will recommend it to my clients and keep it on my own library shelf. Many of the exercises may be as useful in my practice as they would be for someone using them for self-help.

New Harbinger Publications, Inc. (2006), 237 pp., $19.95. 5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609; fax: 510-652-5472; www.newharbinger.com.

About the authors
Drs. Fraser, Kraft, Ehde, and Johnson are on the faculty of the University of Washington Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (MSRRTC). The MSRRTC is an interdisciplinary center focusing on rehabilitation medicine, neurology, rehabilitation psychology, rehabilitation counseling, and speech and language pathology.


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Reviewed by Deborah Miller, PhD, director of Comprehensive Care at the Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.

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