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Shrewd moves

Gadgets to Go

by Martha King and Greta M. Herron


Since the gift-giving and gift-getting season is almost on us, and since “make it easier” is a mantra for everyone living with MS, we explored catalogs and Web resources for items you might not expect. We’ve listed things that can be acquired for fifty bucks or less.





Kitchen Helpers

Keeping Time


Energy Savers

For Pets



Sports (see below for Web sites)

Joe’s Original BACKTEE Eliminates bending to place or remove a golf tee. Item #DS75, $12.95, Access to Recreation, Inc.

Golf glove For the person with poor grip in one hand. Velcro attachment gives a better grip on a club. Item #GG10, $22, Access to Recreation, Inc.

Fishing pole holder Clamps to wheelchair for one-handed use. Item #H706631000, $30, Maddak Inc.

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Hobbies/Crafts (see below for Web sites)

Clamp-It hobby vise Adjustable table clamp holds items for a variety of tasks. Item #DL5161, $29.99, Dynamic-Living.com.

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Games (see below for Web sites)

Marinoff large-symbol playing cards Standard-size playing cards with 11/2-inch numbers for easy reading. Item #GPM, $4.45, LS&S.

Playing card holder Item #71252-0010, $5.95, LS&S.

Automatic card shuffler Push a button to shuffle one or two decks. Item #116, $14.95, LS&S.

Low-vision playing cards Printed with easy-to-see colors and large symbols. Item #125, $2.95, LS&S.

Super-large laminated Bingo card Item #LBC, $2.95 each, LS&S.

Magnetic checkers set with textured board and brightly colored playing pieces. Item #BK-A, $21.95, LS&S.

Low-vision Scrabble pieces Item #LBSP, $9.95, LS&S.

New York Times Large-Print Crossword Omnibus has 100 puzzles. Item #0-679-75144-0, $12.95, LS&S.

Book Butler Holds paperbacks, magazines and books for one-handed page turning. Item #NC28803, $16.95, North Coast Medical Functional Solutions.

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Kitchen Helpers (see below for Web sites)

Super Easy Jumbo Display Timer Recalls last setting. Item #561-90, $8.95, LS&S.

Black and Decker Lids-Off jar opener One-touch button opens any size jar. $29.95, ActiveForever.

Apex 3-way Easy Opener Ergonomic tool helps open cans, boxes, bottles, or pop tabs. Item #A15080, $4.49, ActiveForever.

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Keeping Time (see below for Web sites)

Glow-in-the-dark alarm clock Large black numbers with digital temperature readout. Item #25413, $9.99, Healthy Living.

Timex Easy Reader watch has lighted watch face. Item #20491, $28.95, LS&S.

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Telephones (see below for Web sites)

Ameriphone amplified photo phone Program phone numbers on easy-to-see photo keypads. Item #A18036, $47.95, ActiveForever.

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Energy Savers (see below for Web sites)

Voice-controlled lamp/appliance module Turn on lights with voice command. Item #2012, $25.99, Smarthome.

Oversized TV remote control Easy-to-read, programmable buttons. Item #DL1000, $39.99, Dynamic-Living.com.

Leveron door knob levers Converts most doorknobs into a glow-in-the-dark lever doorknob. #A15018-02, $26.95 (for two), ActiveForever.

Apex lamp switch adapter Fits over existing switch for easier use. Item #A15042, $3.95, ActiveForever.

“T” turning handle Fits over knobs, keys, faucets for better leverage and grip. Item #A17021, $15.95, ActiveForever.

TKO turning knob operator Helps turn irregularly-shaped knobs, valves, faucets and keys. Item #H753100001, $19.90, Maddak Inc.

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For Pets (see below for Web sites)

Aquarium feeder Automatically feeds fish twice daily for a week. Item #6102, $29.99, Smarthome.

Pet drinking fountain Filtered water circulates with adjustable flow control. Plugs into outlet. Item #6101D, $33.99, Smarthome.

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Access to Recreation Catalog: 800-634-4351, Web: www.accesstr.com

ActiveForever Catalog: 800-377-8033, Web: www.activeforever.com

Dynamic-Living.com Catalog: 888-940-0605, Web: www.dynamic-living.com

Healthy Living Catalog: 800-800-0100, Web: www.amerimark.com

LS&S Catalog: 800-468-4789, Web: www.LSSproducts.com

Maddak Inc. Catalog: 973-628-7600, Web: www.maddak.com

MOMS Mail Order Medical Supply Catalog: 800-232-7443, Web: www.momscatalog.com

North Coast Medical Functional Solutions Catalog: 800-235-7054, Web: www.beabletodo.com

Smarthome Catalog: 800-762-7846, Web: www.smarthome.com

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Note: Availability and prices may vary.

  Greta M. Herron, opera/cabaret singer, hat designer, and water colorist, has been a publications staff member for four years. Martha King is editor of InsideMS.  
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This article originally appeared in the October-November 2005 issue of InsideMS.
Last updated December 2006.