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Clinics and Comprehensive Care Centers

From The MS Information Sourcebook, produced by the National MS Society.

Recognizing that people with MS and their families have needs beyond the medical ones caused by the disease itself, a number of neurologists, specializing in the field of MS have established MS comprehensive care centers throughout the country. "Comprehensive care" means that these centers address the wide spectrum of concerns facing people with MS and their families.

These concerns include:

  • Medication management of the disease and its symptoms, including weakness, pain, visual problems, bladder and/or bowel problems, tremor, sexual dysfunction, depression, and others
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cognitive changes (e.g., problems with memory, attention and concentration, problem-solving, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation strategies to manage symptoms, conserve energy, enhance and maintain function, and prevent unnecessary complications
  • Consultation about employment issues such as disclosure, job accommodations, and disability insurance
  • Education about the disease process for people with MS and their families
  • Counseling for individuals and families
  • Information about issues relating to long-term care

Health Professionals from Different Disciplines
Along with neurologists, physicians in other fields or disciplines may also be available as staff members at the centers or by referral. These include internists, psychiatrists, physiatrists (specialists in rehabilitation medicine), urologists, and gynecologists. Other health professionals including nurses, psychologists, speech/language pathologists, social workers, and physical and occupational therapists are also available to address the many problems related to MS. While not every center has all of these resources available, they all strive to meet the complex needs of people living with MS.

There are many clinical facilities across the country that have a formal affiliation with the National MS Society. Referrals to clinical facilities in your area are available by calling 1-800-FIGHT-MS.

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Last updated October 2005