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From The MS Information Sourcebook, produced by the National MS Society.

Dental care is very important for everyone's good health. Persons with MS who have difficulty performing the activities involved in regular dental hygiene should consult a rehabilitation therapist for special training in the use of adaptive equipment.

No Evidence that Dental Problems or Fillings Cause MS
Dental problems that are not attended to may cause infections that can then spread to other parts of the body. A person with a chronic disorder such as MS should take special care to have any tooth or gum disorder treated appropriately in order to protect their teeth and gums and avoid unnecessary infections. Infections in any part of the body can cause temporary flare-ups of MS symptoms-however there is no evidence that dental problems cause MS to develop or to progress.

There have been some claims that mercury leaking from amalgam dental fillings damages the immune system and causes a broad range of diseases, including MS, by contributing to the demyelinating of nerves. Demyelination-the destruction of myelin, the fatty sheath that surrounds and insulates nerve fibers in the central nervous system-causes nerve impulses to be slowed or halted and produces the symptoms of MS.

There is no scientific evidence to connect the development of MS or other neurological diseases with dental fillings containing mercury. Although poisoning with heavy metals-such as mercury-can damage the nervous system and produce symptoms such as tremor and weakness, the damage is inflicted in a different way, and the course of the disorder is different.

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Last updated April 2006