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Family and Friends

MS in Relationships
Multiple sclerosis affects not only the person with the illness, but everyone who cares about that individual as well. Learning to balance MS in relationships with family and children, dating partners, and caregivers is important to overall well-being.

Guides for Families
The whole family lives with MS. It can change family routines and personal interactions in a variety of different ways.

Keep S'myelin

Our children's newsletter with games, puzzles, stories, and more!
Keep S'myelin

Interactive and print versions available!

MS in Focus Magazine: Focus on Family (PDF)

For kids & teens who have a parent or relative with MS:

Courtesy MS Society of Canada

Children Can Get MS Too

MS is most commonly diagnosed in adults, but occasionally occurs in children too.

A message from Dr. Lauren Krupp, director of the National Pediatric MS Center at Stony Brook


Family Planning
Pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the incidence of complications for the baby are no different for women who have MS than for women without the disease.

MS and Pregnancy

MS and Pregnancy
Personal stories about childbirth, updates on genetics, a discussion on breastfeeding, the disease-modifying drugs, and more

Intimacy and Dating
Matters of the heart, like more practical matters, oftentimes require adaptations in how one thinks and looks at the world.


Diana & LarryDiana & Larry, share experiences of dating with MS

Jennifer and Dan, two people with MS, talk about how they met and fell in love. Read about their MS wedding

For Caregivers
Caring for someone with a chronic illness can be physically and emotionally exhausting, but it can also be deeply satisfying.

MS and Home Caregivers

MS and Home Caregivers
Information, resources, and support for those caring for someone with MS




Relationship Matters

A program for couples living with MS.

Learn more about this program


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(transcripts available)

MS Learn Online presents:

Positive Relationships

At Home and At Work with MS

Care Partners

Together in the MS Journey: A webcast for couples living with MS


The Impact of Symptoms


Communicating with Your Partner



Learn more about these and other webcasts

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Connect with others whose lives are affected by MS

There are over 1,800 National MS Society-affiliated self-help groups across the nation representing people with MS, family members, and friends.

MS Journey Club for parents with MS and their children


Disclosure of Your MS

Whom to tell? When to tell? How to tell? What to tell? And is it ever better not to tell at all?
Read stories and take advice from those with MS


Individual and group therapy can help people with MS, and their loved ones, deal with depression, anxiety, and the changes that come from living with MS.



Crossed Signals

Crossed Signals
by Caroline Courey
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Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for Families Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for Families
by Rosalind C. Kalb, PhD
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More books about MS and family life, caregivers, and well spouses

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Last updated June 13, 2007