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Healthy Living with MS

Wellness is a dynamic state of physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being that can be achieved even in the presence of a chronic illness or disability.

For a person living with MS, the road to wellness involves more than treatment of the disease. Equally important are health promotion and prevention strategies, a strong support network of family and friends, satisfying work and leisure activities, a meaningful place in the community, and adequate attention to one's inner self.

Keep informed about MS and exercise, food and diet, preventive care, alternative medicine, and specific health issues for men and women.

Whether swimming or sailing, working out in a gym, or competing at a round of golf, the revitalizing enjoyment of healthy exercise comes in many forms.
Exercise: An overview
Exercise as Part of Everyday Life
Any activity that gets your body moving is good for you.
Illustrated manual provides basic range-of-motion, stretching, and balance exercises for at-home program
Stretching for People with MS

Stretching for People with MS
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Stretching with a Helper

Stretching with a Helper
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Food and Diet
Good health has a lot to do with what you put on your plate at every meal, so diet is an area where you can be in control.

Diet: The problem with special diets

Food for Thought: MS and Nutrition
A guide to healthy eating—including the effects of diet on MS
 Quick and Easy: A Cookbook Roundup
 Keep a Gourmet Chef in Your Freezer

Preventive Care
People with MS are just as susceptible to cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other major diseases as anyone else.

Preventive Care Recommendations for Adults with MS: The Basic Facts (PDF)

Cut Your Risk of Colds

Dental Health: The Basic Facts

MS and Something Else
Does it seem unlikely that one person can be hit with two chronic diseases? It’s not all that rare. Here are some basics for the difficult—but not impossible—task of managing dual diagnoses

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Alternative medicine includes everything from drugs and diet to food supplements, mental exercises, and lifestyle changes.
CAM image More on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Vitamin Therapy: An overview
 Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs in MS: An Introduction
Practical guide to diet supplements for people with MS

Gender-Specific Issues
Men and women have different experiences and different needs when dealing with MS.

Get information on intimacy, pregnancy, caregiving, personal stories, and healthy tips.



You CAN...Maintain Good Nutrition

"You are what you eat." Maintaining your health is one of the first steps to managing MS. Here are ten ways to get started

Weighty Matters
Unwanted weight is a common problem in MS. Putting on extra pounds may not your fault - there are ways to take the pounds off & keep them off.

webcast icon Webcasts
(transcripts available)

MS Learn Online presents
Healthy Living with MS

When It's Not MS and Other General Health Issues
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor Appointment
Nutrition Facts and Fiction
Physical Fitness From Home
Exercise Options for People with Progressed MS
Exercise Options for People with Full Mobility

Learn more about these and other webcasts

Managing Your Symptoms

Other symptoms >

Treating exacerbations

Staying Relaxed

Many people with MS say they experience more symptoms during stressful times. Learn to relax

Staying Vital

MS and employment
People who are employed are happier, healthier, and more socially active.

Resources on sailing, hiking, camping, diving, skiing, and much more!

Resources for individuals with disabilities


Clinical Bulletin Clinical Bulletin

Print out the document below and share it with your heathcare provider.

Primary Care in MS (PDF)

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation MS in Focus

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation's new magazine

Issue 5: Healthy Living (PDF)


For Parents

Fun and Healthy Things To Do with Your Family

Read tips and stories in Keep S'myelin, our children's newsletter
View as PDF

Keep S'myelin: Healthy Families



Living with Multiple Sclerosis: A Wellness Approach Living with Multiple Sclerosis: A Wellness Approach
by George H. Kraft and Marci Catanzaro
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The MS Workbook: Living Fully with Multiple Sclerosis

The MS Workbook: Living Fully with Multiple Sclerosis
by George H. Kraft MD, Dawn M. Ehde PHD., Kurt L. Johnson PHD., Robert T. Fraser
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Multiple Sclerosis: A Self-Care Guide To Wellness Multiple Sclerosis: A Self-Care Guide To Wellness, 2nd Edition
by Nancy J. Holland, June Halper

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