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Healthy Living with MS

MS and Intimacy
Intimacy and sexuality are important components of a healthy and contented life. Sexuality does not have to disappear from the lives of couples when one partner has MS. Instead, partners can find satisfying approaches to sexual intimacy that overcome the barriers.

General Information
 Sexuality: An Overview
Symptoms of sexual difficulties and available therapies, fertility and conception, psychological issues, and sexually transmitted diseases
 MS and Intimacy
Discusses a variety of issues, including communication, managing sexual problems, getting help, and rediscovering one's body
 MS and Your Emotions
Discusses common emotional reactions to a MS diagnosis, emotional stresses experienced by everyone with a chronic illness, and more
Medications for Men
sad cupid  
sad cupid Did you know?
Medications for fatigue and a regular exercise program can both reduce fatigue, which may in turn improve sexual function.

A soak in a tepid-to-cool bath may improve sexual performance, just as it improves other physical functions.

Imagination and ingenuity are essential for a successful sexual relationship.
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Enabling Romance

Enabling Romance: A Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships for People with Disabilities (and the People Who Care About Them)
by Ken Kroll, Erica Levy Klein

Considered the “Joy of Sex” for people with disabilities. It candidly covers a whole range of subjects while shattering sexual stereotypes.
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Additional Resources

Offers help for sexually troubled marriages

The Marriage & Family Health Center
Offers sexuality education and therapy programs

American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)
Offering information and referrals for certified sex therapists


Tell Us About It
For an article in a future issue of Momentum magazine called “MS vs. Good Sex,” we want to hear your experiences— bad or good. Anonymity guaranteed—your privacy will be protected. Email editor@nmss.org. No advertisers please.


webcast icon Webcasts
(transcripts available)

MS Learn Online presents
Together in the MS Journey: A webcast for couples living with MS

The Impact of Symptoms
Communicating with Your Partner

Managing Your Symptoms

Sexual Dysfunction

Learn more about these and other webcasts

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation MS in Focus

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation's new magazine

Issue 6: Intimacy and Sexuality (PDF)

Clinical Bulletin Clinical Bulletin

Print out the document below and share it with your heathcare provider.

Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in MS (PDF)


You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Helpful information about sexual problems for men and women

Sexual Healing
Professional sex therapy to the rescue

Call Me
Relationship resources

Ask your doctor or your chapter for a referral to a sex therapist.

  Last updated January 21, 2008