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Summertime Fun Summertime Fun!

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Recreation & Travel

Recreation imageFind out about swimming and sailing, hiking and camping, skiing and skating, and much more. Read about recreation resources

travel iconWhen you're ready to hit the road—or the high seas, get in the know first. These are especially geared to travelers with disabilities. Read about travel resources

Cool Destinations
On the road through the four seasons


Cara Nina Newton—
"Basically, for six months out of the year—when the outdoor temperature is over 80 degrees—I can no longer eat hot foods or drink hot liquids." Read more

Some of us are just beginning to plan our great adventure while others are looking for ways to stay cool at home. Whether you try something new, revisit your favorite place, or continue enjoying your daily routines, here are some resources that will help you have the best of times!

Stay Cool
Many people with MS experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms when the weather is very hot or humid.
 Heat/Temperature Sensitivity in MS
 You CAN...Beat the Heat
Simple tips to keep you cool in the summer months
 Summer’s Coming: Plan to Cool it!
Get the scoop on personal cooling devices for sale


Is It an MS Attack—or Not?

A pseudoexacerbation is a temporary aggravation of MS symptoms, symptoms that have occurred before. The episode comes and goes fairly quickly.

In the overwhelming majority of people with MS, pseudoexacerbations are triggered by heat. The symptoms are generally rapidly reversed when the body is cooled.


Read more on pseudoexacerbations

Water Activities
Water activities provide excellent exercise while keeping the body cool.

Aqua exercise lets people with MS move in ways that their disability might not otherwise allow.


Water Parks
State-by-state listing of water parks across the nation from About.com

Staying fit is important if your summertime plans involve travel, busy schedules, or a favorite sport.
 Healthy Living with MS
Regular moderate exercise and a healthy diet can be an important part of living with MS.
  Last updated August 16, 2007