Over 90% of MuckFest MS runners and volunteers are on teams. Why? MuckFest MS Teams are the best! Teams have more fun before, during and after the event. You'll pick a team name, then coordinate your muck outfits and team t-shirts. And when you finish, your team will celebrate your muck-tacular triumphs with a cold one in the MuckFestival.


Download these posters and hang one or more at work or social gatherings to recruit new team members or gather donations.

Team Poster

Starting Your MuckFest Team

The different kinds of MuckFest teams reflect the incredible variety of participants who do the event:

  • Friends, family and coworkers start a team to honor someone living with MS

  • OCR enthusiasts and athletes looking for a fun and challenging event

  • Managers and coworkers looking for a team-building and bonding experience for their staff

  • Personal trainers, fitness consultants and gyms helping clients meet their fitness goals

  • Friends and family looking for something fun to do for a great cause

Take a look at the team photos to see all the different kinds of MuckFest teams who do the event.

To start a team, it only takes one person who will register as a Team Captain. However, you don’t have to go it alone as the captain because every team can have up to two co-captains.

  • Bonus Tip — Naming Your Team: MuckFest teams come up with the best names. You can honor a friend or relative or pick something delightfully dirty or curiously clever. We love “punny” names; you’d be surprised how many ways you can use “muck,” “mucker,” and “mud” in your team name.

To join a team that is already registered, you can search here for the team name or team captain.

Team-Building Tools & Ideas

As we say here, the more the muckier! The larger the MuckFest teams are, the more we can support MS research and people living with MS in our community. We’re also offering a number of team perks and rewards that teams can earn. To get more muckers on your team, here are some tools to kick your team-building into overdrive:

  • Team Page — your team's ‟billboard” on the website. Use it to recruit new members. On the page, you can see your team roster, and click to view individual team member's fundraising pages. Team Captains can log into the Participant Center to edit the page, adding a customized message or photo. Captains can also email team members, track recruiting and fundraising from the Participant Center. To see your Team Page, click here and enter your team name in the search box.