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Expert Opinion Papers

Treatment recommendations from our National Clinical Advisory Board.

Disease Management and Therapies

Disease Management Consensus Statement
About use of current disease-modifying agents
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Patient Access to TysabriŽ
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Recommendations Regarding Corticosteroids
in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis

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Changing Therapy in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis: Considerations and Recommendations
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Rehabilitation: Recommendations for
Persons with Multiple Sclerosis
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Symptom Management

Assessment and Management of Cognitive Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis
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Management of MS-Related Fatigue
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PRC services available

Clinical consultation

Physicians are invited to consult via email with MS specialist colleagues who serve on our National Clinical Advisory Board:

Allied health professionals are invited to consult via email with MS specialist colleagues:

Toll-free number:

Other Services...
Consultation on insurance and long-term care issues
Consultation on the
development of National MS Society-affiliated clinical facilities
  Last updated January 25, 2008