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Rehabilitation Research HQ


Welcome to Rehabilitation Research HQ - your home away from home for a wide array of resources promoting successful rehabilitation research in multiple sclerosis. In these pages you will find many of the tools that you need to pursue scientifically sound and clinically relevant rehabilitation research. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is the world's largest private funder of MS research. However our support for MS research goes beyond funding alone. As you will see as you explore the many facets of Rehabilitation Research HQ, the Society is committed to supporting rehabilitation research through a comprehensive approach to training, resource development, information dissemination, and promotion of collaboration among both researchers and clinicians. So explore Rehabilitation Research HQ and return often to take advantage of the latest offerings.

  • Funding Opportunities
    The organizations listed all support rehabilitation research. You may find some surprises, particularly the professional organizations that most people do not generally think of as funding sources.

    The National MS Society has announced a new funding program for rehabilitation professionals—a Mentor-Based Postdoctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Research. Click here for full details on how to apply for this innovative program.

  • Journals
    All of the journals listed here publish articles on rehabilitation. Although many of the journal names do not suggest that they are rehabilitation friendly, each one has run articles on the subject.

  • Professional Organizations
    Rehabilitation professionals have many opportunities for networking with colleagues and catching up on recent developments in the field. Here is a comprehensive list of those organizations, large and small, that provide such opportunities.

  • Information Resources
    There are many sources of specialized information on rehabilitation topics. Here are some of the most in-depth data sources available in rehabilitation.
Last updated May 23, 2006