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Jeffery Wilken, PhD
Neuropsychology Associates of Fairfax
Washington, DC
NMSS Chapter: National Capital
Pilot Research Award: $44,000; 10/01/06-09/30/07

“A comparison of stimulant medications for MS-related fatigue and cognitive problems” Comparing treatments for improving fatigue in people with MS, and determining the effect of these therapies on cognitive function as well.

Fatigue and cognitive dysfunction are two common, troublesome symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Two wakefulness-promoting agents Concerta® (methylphenidate HCI) and Provigil® (modafinil) are sometimes prescribed for MS-related fatigue. Jeffery Wilken, PhD, is comparing the effectiveness of these medications, and is seeking to determine if they can improve cognitive symptoms as well.

For this small pilot study, Dr. Wilkens is enrolling 15 people with MS. Participants are undergoing fatigue and cognitive assessments before beginning treatment. During three five-week treatment periods, participants are being randomly assigned to receive Concerta, Provigil, or inactive placebo. Fatigue and cognitive assessments are being repeated after each treatment period.

Data from this study can help to design a larger clinical trial of these medications for treating fatigue and cognitive problems in MS.