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F.A.Q. About Society- Funded MS Research
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What are Some of the Intriguing Leads MS Researchers are Following?


        The farther one lives from the equator, the higher one’s risk of MS. Society researchers are exploring whether sunlight exposure is a protective factor.

        Is being too clean a set up for getting MS? MS is less common in underdeveloped regions, and early exposure to common infectious agents may stimulate the immune regulation in a positive way. Society investigators are testing whether exposure to harmless parasites can reduce disease activity.

        Can robotics retrain the brain to improve walking ability? Based on the idea that repetition can help restore strength, balance, recognition of sensory cues that make walking possible, Society researchers are using robotic devices to help people walk on a treadmill in hopes of improving walking ability.

        Abnormalities in the MS brain have been seen even in areas that appear healthy. Are they there before MS, and contribute to its onset, or are they caused by the disease? Society investigators are using advanced MRI techniques to follow this and other clues.

        Our brains have stores of cells capable of replacing myelin. Can scientists find a way to stimulate these cells to repair MS damage, or do cell transplants hold more promise? Society researchers are on the cutting edge of these important questions.

        MS costs the U.S. economy about $20 billion per year. Our health care delivery and policy researchers are investigating this and other important issues, such as job discrimination, insurance experiences, and optimal health care settings.