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Lauren B. Krupp, MD

State University of New York at Stony Brook

Stony Brook, NY

Region: Long Island Chapter

Term: 4/1/02-3/31/08

Funding Required: $784,201


A longitudinal study of mild cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosisFollowing a group of individuals with MS who have mild cognitive problems to evaluate whether this symptom becomes worse over time.


Cognitive problems in MS occur fairly frequently, mainly difficulties with memory, concentration, and complex problem-solving. They can interfere with family functions, job performance and social obligations. But there has been little research into whether and how these problems may worsen over time.


Lauren B. Krupp, MD, is studying three large groups of individuals to explore this question. One group has MS and mild cognitive impairment, a second group has MS and no cognitive impairment, and a comparison group has neither MS nor cognitive impairment. To track cognitive function over three years, each participant is being given initial and annual verbal learning and memory tests, and is also being given annual brain MRI scans.


The results of this unique study should provide individuals with MS a better idea of how mild cognitive impairment may change over time, enabling them to prepare for such changes. It will also lay the necessary groundwork for future studies of therapies aimed at stopping the progression of cognitive problems.