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MS Researchers Need You

Tissue and DNA Banks 

Several facilities provide resources for researchers studying multiple sclerosis. These include two MS tissue banks and an MS DNA bank supported by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Such facilities depend upon the generous pledges of tissue or blood donors who recognize how important their "gifts" are to MS research.

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Read About the Multiple Autoimmune Disease Genetics Consortium (MADGC)

Clinical Trial Participation

Clinical trials are scientific studies designed to test the safety and efficacy of new agents for treating disease. Many clinical trials in multiple sclerosis are ongoing throughout the world.

If you meet eligibility guidelines, you may enroll to participate.


Learn more about Clinical Trial Participation


An Online Survey for People with Physical Disabilities
Dr. Maria Kosma of Louisiana State University and Dr. Rebecca Ellis of Georgia State University are conducting a nationwide survey of 1000 people with MS and other disorders to study the physical activity levels, intentions, attitudes, beliefs, and quality of life of people with physical disabilities. The results should reveal barriers to physical activity and strategies to overcome them. This study is funded by the National MS Society.

People over 18 years of age who have multiple sclerosis are being asked to take part in this quick and easy online survey. Participants must have internet access. If interested in this study, please access the following Web site: www.disability-health.info/.

Volunteers Needed!
Interested in joining a study about MS and quality of life? Early results from this study have increased our knowledge of MS, helping researchers understand the many factors that affect disease course.
Get more information on how to join (PDF)

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Online Survey for People with MS Examines How Uncontrolled Laughing and Crying Affects Quality of Life

Robert Spencer, MS, and colleagues at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, are seeking participants for an online survey that examines how uncontrolled laughing and crying a symptom of multiple sclerosis affects the quality of life of people with MS.

This 15-minute survey requires the joint participation of an individual with MS and someone who has regular contact with that person. The survey begins with a brief explanation of the study and a consent document. The survey asks questions of the individual with MS and concludes with questions for the person who interacts with them on a regular basis. All questions concern the health, quality of life, and emotional experiences of the individual with MS.

  • Study participation is voluntary and anonymous. No identifying information will be collected.
  • Both participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • E-mail rspencer@umbc.edu for study-related questions.

To participate, click the following link and complete the survey.