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Stem Cell Research
What promise do stem cells hold for people with MS?
Although no one really knows the precise answer to this question, it is clear that stem cells of all types hold unexplored potential.  

Our Position:
National MS Society's Statement on Stem Cell Research (PDF)


This is why the National MS Society and MS International Federation hosted a stem cell research summit. In San Francisco on January 16-19, 2007, a team of the world's leading experts in the field were invited to collaborate and share their special expertise.

While this summit was structured for a small number of participants in the scientific community, we are giving you "insider's access" through a special webcast/podcast series of interviews with some of the experts. Also posted are daily written summaries of the summit.

Stem Cell Research Summit: January 16-19, 2007
Great Promise Seen for Cell Therapies for MS
Four-Day Stem Cell Research Summit Sets Next Steps

Webcast/podcast Series:

Stem Cells & MS - Today and Tomorrow
Hosted by Society Board Chair Weyman Johnson, who lives with MS

Listen at your computer, includes transcript, slides, and additional resources on the topic

Podcast available
Download to your computer 
Overview: Stem Cells & MS - What Promise Do They Hold?
featuring Dr. Jack Antel, McGill University, interviewed by Board Chair Weyman Johnson


Embryonic Stem Cells & MS Research
featuring Dr. Doug Kerr, Johns Hopkins University, interviewed by Weyman Johnson

Adult Stem Cells & MS Research
featuring Dr. Jeff Kocsis, Yale University, interviewed by Weyman Johnson

Living with MS & the Potential of Stem Cell Research
featuring Society Board Chair Weyman Johnson interviewed by Rick Sommers Steinhaus


Additional Reading:

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