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Walk MS 2013 Elite Teams
Congratulations to the our top fundraising teams for Walk MS 2013. Want to see your team name listed in 2014? Captains, set your team's fundraising goal higher than ever before and begin the Walk with a view from the top.

Click your site below to view the list of Elite Teams:

Antelope Valley:

Platinum Elite Team
MOMS - Move Over MS ($20,061.51)

Super Elite Team
Northrop Grumman ($13,427.51) 


Coming soon! 

Big Bear:

Elite Teams
Big Bear Moose Lodge ($7,371.00)
Rim of the World Comfort Pets ($5,019.50) 

Conejo Valley:

Platinum Elite Team
Tiki Team ($36,050.00)

Super Elite Teams
Thriven Financial ($18,655.00)
Hope is POWERful ($10,800.00)
Team Taxe ($10,430.00)
Ripple Effect ($10,086.94)

Elite Teams
Team Chrissy ($7,521.85)
Team Sean ($6,833.00)
Team Kickin' Asphalt ($5,730.90) 

Desert Cities:

Platinum Elite Team
Smiles for Tammy ($24,479.00) 

Super Elite Team
Babs Crunchy ($12,230.00)

Elite Team
Deb's Posse ($5,471.00) 


Platinum Elite Team
FO FIGHTERS ($23,815.00) 

Elite Teams
MSkillers ($7,571.00)
Lucky 13's ($6,842.40)
Team Change ($6,200.00) 

Greater Los Angeles:

Platinum Elite Team
Team Engelman ($70,194.67) 

Super Elite Teams
Northrop Grumman - Los Angeles ($43,803.77)
MS Achievers - UCLA ($40,384.62)
Jersey Shore ($28,083.35) 
JiggyWiggits ($22,237.30)
Team Jillian ($20,806.00)

Elite Teams
Team in Motion ($15,052.42)
Walka Walka Walka ($14,675.00)
Wells Fargo ($13,325.00)
Crazy Beth's Crew ($12,923.00)
Team Jani ($12,398.00)
Tricheck & Friends ($12,195.00)
The Village ($12,080.00)
WJ Bradley Mortgage ($11,640.00)
Brighton Bunch ($10,882.00)
Team Awesome ($10,061.00)
Jeffrey's Jolters ($10,050.00) 

Inland Empire:

Platinum Elite Team
Joyful Noise ($24,040)

Super Elite Teams
Team Fairplex ($13,931.59) 
Cheermeisters ($12,000.00)
Steel Strong ($11,429.00) 
J&A Walkers ($10,310.00)

Elite Teams
Walkin For Andie/Ontario Fire Hockey Club ($6,756.83)
Team Milgard ($6,316.83)
The Flying Fish ($6,166.00)
Mom'z Sweetheartz ($5,490.00) 

Las Vegas:

Elite Team
Hope Sweet Hope ($5,812.85) 

Long Beach:

Super Elite Team
Northrop Grumman - Long Beach ($13,710.00) 

Elite Teams
FAMS - Fighters Against MS ($9,496.00)
Team Gillispie 2013 "The Victory" ($5,365.00)
Team Gulfstream ($5,114.70) 


Elite Teams
Team Anything is Possible ($9,428.05)
Sparkles ($7,754.30)
MS WARRIORS ($6,198.51)

San Fernando Valley:

Elite Teams
Halloween Adventure ($9,803.00)
Walk Hearts for Lockhart ($5,925.00)
Dara's Posse ($5,375.00)

San Luis Obispo:

Super Elite Team
MSketeers ($14,850.00)

Elite Teams
Team Steph - Not MSing Around ($9,228.99)
Carpe Diem ($6,994.73)

Santa Barbara:

Elite Team
TEAM DAD ($5,807.00)

South Lake Tahoe:

Coming soon!


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