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Bike MS Passport Program

Passport ProgramFor cyclists and all those seeking a personal challenge and a world free of MS, Bike MS is the premier fundraising cycling series in the nation.  With a choice of more than 100 extraordinary rides, the Bike MS experience is the ride of your life. 

The variety of rides in the Bike MS series gives you a chance to experience amazing events from coast to coast. 

What is the National Bike MS Passport Program?

The Bike MS Passport Program is a nationwide program for Bike MS cyclists that are top fundraisers .  Cyclists who raise at least $5,000 in their “home” ride are invited to ride in any other Bike MS ride(s) around the country without having to meet the local fundraising requirement.  Our goal is to facilitate a stronger commitment to the Society and its mission, as well as create a national community of top fundraisers and avid cyclists.  The National Bike MS Passport Program is designed to reward our top fundraisers and give you an opportunity to experience extraordinary rides across the country. 

Who can participate?

Cyclists who raise at least $5,000 at their home Bike MS event.  You (or your home chapter) pay $50 to the host chapter and cover all of your own travel expenses.  The fundraising requirement at the host chapter’s event is waived for Passport Program riders. 

How do I sign up?

If you a $5,000+ fundraiser and are interested in participating in the Passport Program, let us know!  We will ask you to sign an additional waiver and will help you get registered for the ride(s) of your choice.

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