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Group of people celebrating at Challenge MS event

Register to Volunteer

The success of Challenge Walk MS depends on volunteers like you! Each volunteer's contribution, large or small, is critical to the success of our events. Volunteers provide key support to Challenge Walk all year, from serving on planning committees, calling past participants to providing safety for our walkers and overall support at the event. We welcome volunteers with a wide range of talents and skills. There is only one requirement: a desire to end MS now!

When you join the Challenge Walk Volunteer Team, you become a part of Challenge Walk. Together we will provide support, raise money, have fun, and make a difference in the lives of people living with MS.

Groups and individuals of all ages and abilities are invited to volunteer. We are always looking for youth clubs, corporate, and service-oriented community groups to lend a hand before, during, and after our events.

All volunteers receive:

  1. Delicious meals and plenty of water
  2. The satisfaction of supporting an important cause
  3. Plenty of high-fives!

There are three different volunteer options for Challenge Walk MS:


Volunteer your time by helping at Challenge Walk MS in a variety of roles throughout the weekend. Registration is free for volunteers.


Like volunteers, Crew members handle multiple jobs throughout the weekend.  Crew members pay the registration fee but aren't required to fundraise.

Super Crew

Super Crew members are those who volunteer for the weekend but also pay the registration fee and raise the fundraising minimum. In exchange, they participate in all celebrations and activities.


Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

1. What is a Super Crew member?

Super Crew members are dedicated volunteers who pay the registration fee, raise the fundraising minimum and receive all the same benefits as walkers. Super Crew members assist with a variety of volunteer responsibilities throughout the Challenge Walk weekend.

2. What is a Crew member?

Crew members are not required to pay the registration fee, but they are encouraged to fundraise. Overnight accommodations and meals are not included for Crew Members. 

3. What will I do as a Crew member?

This varies with your skills and interests. Once you fill out the volunteer registration form, we will set up a time to meet with you to identify the best fit.

4. Will I be trained?

You will receive a Challenge Guide and Crew Information Manual with detailed job descriptions for each Crew position.

Please note: All Super Crew members must pay a registration fee to participate. The helps underwrite the cost of accommodations and food, and ensures that all Challenge Walk MS donations support the mission. Super Crew members also raise the fundraising minimum.

Regular Crew members are not required to raise the minimum pledge, but are encouraged to fundraise.

Sample Volunteer Job Descriptions

Rest Stops

Help set up a rest stop and serve food and drinks to participants as needed. Help keep the rest stop area clean. Provide an "artistic flair" to decorate the rest stop and make it a fun, festive stop for participants. 

Food Services

Help set up, serve and clean up breakfast and/or lunch for participants and volunteers.

Route Support Drivers

Provide transportation and support to walkers who need assistance along the route and/or deliver supplies to rest stops.

Cheering Squad

Organize groups to cheer the walkers on along the route and at each day's start and finish lines.

Medical/First Aid

Trained medical professionals are needed at the start and finish lines, rest stops and at the headquarters hotel to monitor walkers and assess injuries. Volunteers must provide proof of certification and/or specialized degree.


Use your photography skills and equipment to capture moments of challenge and triumph throughout Challenge Walk MS.

General Activities

Assist with execution of weekend activities. Positions may include: staffing the information table, pre-event set up, etc.