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Walker Manual (pdf)


My Participant Center How-to Guide (pdf)


Team Captain Manual (pdf)


Facebook Fundraising Guide (pdf)



What is MS-Fact Sheet (pdf)

Walk MS Event Flyer (pdf)

Where the Money Goes- Fact Sheet (pdf)

Walk MS Registration Form (pdf)

Donation Tracking Sheet (pdf)

Cash Donation Receipts (pdf)

Sample Fundraising Letter 1 (doc)

Sample Fundraising Letter 2 (doc)  


Walk MS Green Badge- 120x120 pixels (jpg)
Walk Badge-Green.jpg

Walk MS Orange Badge- 120x120 pixels (jpg)
Walk Badge-Orange.jpg



 Email Signature Banner 2- 162x86 pixels (jpg)
Walk Email Signature.jpg



Walk MS Wallpaper A- 1288x972 pixels (jpg)    Walk MS Wallpaper B- 1288x972 pixels (jpg)
     Walk MS Wallpaper A               Walk MS Wallpaper B               

Walk MS Wallpaper C- 1288x972 pixels (jpg)    Walk MS Wallpaper D- 1288x972 pixels (jpg)
     Walk MS Wallpaper C               Walk MS Wallpaper D

Walk MS Wallpaper E- 1288x972 pixels (jpg)    Walk MS Wallpaper F- 1288x972 pixels (jpg)
    Walk MS Wallpaper E                Walk MS Wallpaper F



Leaderboard Banner- 720x90 pixels (gif)
GAA 2010 Leaderboard Banner

Med. Rectangle Banner- 300x250 pixels (gif)
GAA 2010 Med Rectangle Banner

Skyscraper Banner- 120x600 pixels (gif)
GAA 2010 Skyscraper Banner

Vertical Banner- 120x240 pixels (gif)
GAA 2010 Vertical Banner




Walk MS: Georgia 2012 Logo (jpg)
GAA Walk MS Georgia 2012

Walk MS Logo- General Version (jpg)
Walk MS General

National MS Society-Georgia Chapter Logo (jpg)
Georgia Chapter Logo-Large

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