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Impacting the Cause: Michelle Jacobi

Michelle JacobiIn addition to spending time with three wonderful boys and her husband, Michelle Jacobi raises both awareness and proceeds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Michelle's awareness and fundraising efforts have earned her multiple awards, including Top Fundraising Team, Top Individual Fundraising, and also KTVB's Seven's Hero Award.

Nineteen years ago, she experienced her first real symptoms of multiple sclerosis but didn’t receive a diagnosis until much later. Having MS hasn’t slowed her down. From participating in Bike MS to running in the MS run the US relay. Read more about her inspirational story, and hear her speak at the Women on the Move event next month. 

>>Read Michelle Jacobi's Entire Story

Upcoming Events

1/29 Bike Team Captain Kick Off SLC

2/12 Legal Basics: Know Your Rights*

2/13 - 2/14 Relationship Matters SLC

2/13 - 2/14 Relationship Matters Boise

2/28 Women on the Move SLC

3/2 -3/8 MS Awareness Week 

3/28 Walk MS St. George

4/18 Walk MS Boise

4/25 Walk MS SLC   

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MS and Winter Weather

Some people with MS notice that symptoms like spasticity, stiffness, and low energy become worse in cold weather. It is recommended that people with MS who are sensitive to temperature try to avoid extremes of either hot or cold. 

Tips for dealing with the cold weather:

  • Wrap up warm! Extra layers, such as thermal underwear, can help keep the heat in. When out and about keep your hands and feet warm with socks and gloves, and wear a winter coat, hat and scarf.
  • Hot water bottles and portable heat pads can be useful for extra warmth – and if you’re going on a journey, bring a flask of hot drink.
  • Insulate your home. Keep doors and windows shut and close the curtains to keep the heat in. Investigate loft insulation and cavity wall insulation if you don’t have them already – and they will save on heating bills.
  • Make sure you are eating and drinking properly, as this will keep your energy levels up and help your body to cope with the colder temperatures. Eat hot meals and plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • If you can, stay active – moving about will improve your circulation, generate heat and make you feel better.
  • Alcohol is often thought of as a “winter warmer”, but it can deceive you by making you feel warmer than you really are.
  • Don’t be tempted to go out when the weather is bad if it’s not really necessary – especially in icy conditions. If you have a friend or neighbor who can check on you or bring round some shopping, ask them to help.


Volunteers Wanted: 

Volunteers are critical to our success! 

Women on the Move is February 28, 2015 and the St. George Walk MS event is on March 28, 2015. We need volunteers for both events. 

Love Utah Give Utah is March 26, 2015. If you're interested in being an ambassador in your community for Utah’s statewide Day of Giving, let us know by contacting

Additional opportunities are available to support fundraising events, help people living with MS, contribute professional skills and much more. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, click here.  





Making Walk MS a Family Affair


Harmony Rowley, Team Captain of Val’s Pals, has been participating in Walk MS since 2008. Harmony enjoys being a team captain and is motivated by the fun experience of the Walk and being a part of the effort to raise money to find a cure for MS.

Their team is small with three people, but their fundraising goal is large at $2,000. “Don’t try to push for money, just communicate why you are involved and what MS is and people are naturally compelled to support you,” said Harmony.

Harmony previously worked in a care center, and Val was a patient of hers. Val had both a career and daughter, but due to the advanced state of her (Val's) MS, she needed to live in the center. Sadly, MS took Val’s life. Not only did that make Harmony angry, but it also made her think, “That could be me someday.” The team is named in Val's honor. 

Harmony suggests those who are forming a Walk MS team to make it a family affair. “You can make t-shirts, dress up, and everyone can participate in the fundraising.” Look for Val’s Pals on March 28 at the Walk MS event in St. George, Utah. Hint! Look for the women with mohawks.


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