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Walk MS Superheroes

Kendall: Keep Moving

Walk MS Superhero - Kendall

I have always been drawn to movement.

Growing up, I was a natural athlete. I developed a passion for volleyball and dance there was something really incredible about being able to do the motions successfully, but then it became more about being able to express myself through my movement. My mom lived with MS, and for my senior project in high school I arranged a dance performance to raise money for the National MS Society and awareness of the disease, to honor my mom.

It was in my freshman year of college when I noticed a strange numbness in my legs. Growing up with my mom and knowing her experience, my mind immediately flashed to a certain conclusion. Two years later my suspicions were confirmed: I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

I decided to join my university’s club volleyball team in my first semester, but when my symptoms began, I had to set aside that part of my life. It was devastating. I was also dancing at the time, and even though I couldn't do everything that everyone else in the class was doing, I was still able to participate and feel a sense of community.

Since then, I've had two major exacerbations. When I'm in a flare-up, I can barely walk, let alone dance, for sometimes up to six months. When I'm in remission though, movement is necessary for my health.

I've also seen first hand its power to help others.

It's been a decade since my legs first started feeling a little numb. Since then, I've gone on to get a Masters degree in dance/movement therapy, and have learned so many different ways that dance and movement can help people express and explore their emotions helping them deal with things that they're going through.

Walk MS Superhero - Kendall

As a new mom, my health now affects another life – big time, and my journey with MS has prepared me for parenthood in so many ways. The lesson I've learned is to be open to what the experience can teach me; even if it doesn't feel very positive at the time. Although my experience with MS has been difficult, even devastating at times, in many ways I feel truly grateful for my experience with it.

If my life hadn't followed this unexpected path, I wouldn't be in a career I love or in a job I'm passionate about— working as a therapist with many other people who live with chronic illnesses.

Above all, I know that I just need to keep moving.

My name is Kendall, and I live with MS.

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Walk MS Superhero - Kendall

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