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Don't Just Ride, Bike MS

I Ride with MS

Bike MS-I Ride with MS

I Ride with MS is a Bike MS program that recognizes cyclists who are living with multiple sclerosis.

Anyone living with multiple sclerosis who participates in Bike MS can join the program. Participants enjoy special day-of-event benefits and receive a complimentary "I Ride with MS" jersey. Primal is the proud supporter of I Ride with MS, which exists in all Bike MS events nationwide.

I Ride with MS participants are not only committed to cycling to create a world free of MS, but to increasing awareness of the disease as well. Simply indicate you would like to participate when you register or contact the Society today for more information!

I Ride With MS
Participating in the Bike MS event is one way that I can actually feel like I'm doing something about MS rather than just living with it." –Todd Frauendorfer
Nancy Dresser and Her Grandchildren
The experience of Bike MS is also warm and fuzzy. I felt that immediately—the riders just accepted me right away into the fold." –Nancy Dressel

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