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Team of the Future

Team of the Future is a chapterwide super team made up of Walk MS teams led by young adults ages 13 to 19. To join, simply register as a Team of the Future captain, recruit teammates and fundraise together. It’s easy, fun and makes a big impact!

How do I start a team?

  • Click here to find out if your community hosts a Walk MS event or if there’s one nearby.
  • Choose the Walk MS event in which your team will participate, then select “Start a Team.” In order to be recognized as a Team of the Future, be sure to include “Team of the Future” in your teamname, but feel free to add your own twist. For example, Team of the Future – “WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL” or “GROUP NAME.”
  • Once you register, set up your Personal Page. Everyone who registers will receive their own personal Web page to which friends and family can directly make donations! You can put up photos, update your fundraising results, share your story, etc. The more you personalize it, the more people will check back on your progress!
  • Start fundraising. You can send fundraising emails from your Participant Center asking for support.
  • Start recruiting teammates. Walking with others is more fun! Ask your friends, family and everyone you know to join you.
  • Get your team members involved and plan fun activities to recruit and raise money.

How do I join an existing Team of the Future in my area?
Click here, choose your local walk site, select “Join a Team” and search “Team of the Future.”

Want to make it even more fun? Let the competition begin!
Watch for updates at www.facebook.com/groups/TeenConnectionMS. All registered Team of the Future team captains will compete for prizes. Gift cards will be sent to the team captains of the three largest teams led by teens in our chapter area. Click here to learn about other chapter programs for teens.

Fundraising and recruiting tips and tricks

How do I recruit team members?

  • Talk to your high school principal to see if you can hang up Team of the Future/MS Awareness Week posters around your school, set up a table during MS awareness week and give information about MS and Team of the Future to your high school peers, go in to classrooms and talk to your classmates about the event and/or give an announcement over the intercom or school news about Team of the Future.
  • Talk to your friends and family about joining Team of the Future and ask them to pass the information on to other peers.
  • Wear a different MS shirt each day to school during MS Awareness Week.
  • Hand out small Team of the Future information cards to your peers.
  • Talk to school organizations such as the National Honors Society, school government, sport teams and music classes about joining.
  • If you and your classmates need volunteer hours for a certain class, talk to your teacher to see if they could receive so many hours for participating in the MS Walk on Team of the Future.
  • Contact the MS Society if you want to get in touch with former Team of the Future Captains to receive helpful information about recruiting your peers for Team of the Future.
  • Create a registration flyer to collect others’ information.  You can either use this information to register them yourself or pass the information along to Krista Harding to get them registered for you.

How can I raise money?

  • Bake sale
  • Car wash
  • Ask family and friends for donations
  • Recycle cans or old cell phones to get cash
  • Bag groceries at your local grocery store
  • Mow lawns or shovel snow
  • Have a garage sale
  • Offer computer help or social media training for a fee
  • Babysit
  • Work with a local restaurant to sponsor a night in which they donate proceeds back to your team
  • Give some kind of awareness item (a ribbon or button, for instance) in exchange for a donation
  • Wrap gifts for donations

Tricks to help increase fundraising:

  • Create a competition between siblings, friends or grades to see who can raise the most money
  • Give others a personal connection to MS by telling your story
  • Create a Facebook group for your team. Post notes of encouragement, facts about MS and regular updates on how the team is doing
  • Create a goal and use a visual aid to show people how much they’ve raised (like a thermometer that you fill in as you go)
  • Challenge each of your teammates to raise a minimum amount. Even $5 goes a long way!
  • Offer an incentive, like homemade cookies or a gift card you’ve gotten donated, to the person who raises the most money

Questions? Contact Krista Harding, Programs Specialist, at krista.harding@nmss.org or 612-335-7937, or Amanda Baldwin, Community Engagement Manager, at amanda.baldwin@nmss.org or 612.-335-7966



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