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MS Adventure Camp 2023 - Wisconsin Volunteer Application


Please note that you will be prompted to log out or continue working after 15 minutes. Please click "continue working" in the pop-up that appears to continue your application.

You may experience technical difficulties when submitting an application using Internet Explorer. If possible, we would encourage you to use an alternate browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox in order to complete a MS Adventure Camp application.

MS Adventure Camp - Wisconsin Overview

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at MS Adventure Camp - Wisconsin 2023. MS Adventure Camp will take place at YMCA Camp Icaghowan in Amery, WI from June 19-24, 2023.  Volunteers are expected to arrive at MS Adventure Camp at 1:00 pm on Sunday, June 18 and will be asked to stay through noon on Saturday, June 24. All room and board is included for the duration of your time at camp. Volunteers are responsible for getting to and from camp.

Before completing an application, please refer to the role descriptions to determine your desired position.

• Activity Facilitator Role Description 

• Camp Counselor Role Description 

• Medical Volunteer Role Description

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, May 31.

Please note that submitting an application to volunteer at MS Adventure Camp does not guarantee acceptance. All applicants will be contacted by the MS Adventure Camp leadership team within one week of receiving your application.

If you are a first-time volunteer to MS Adventure Camp, a member of the leadership team will be in touch with you to host a 30-45 minute interview. If you are a returning MS Adventure Camp volunteer, an interview will not be required. If you have any questions about volunteering at MS Adventure Camp - Wisconsin, please contact Krista Harding at krista.harding@nmss.org.

MS Adventure Camp - Wisconsin COVID Policies

The health and safety of staff, volunteers, and our communities is a top priority as we move through the COVID pandemic together and we would like you to be aware of the following safety guidelines prior to camp. Changes in safety protocol may be required due to special circumstances or local mandates. Stay tuned to all communication about MS Adventure Camp so you can be prepared. 








Question - Required - Please indicate your gender identity.

Question - Required - In order for us to appropriately and respectfully address you, please indicate your pronouns.




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Question - Required - Please indicate what position(s) you are applying for.
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Experience (No special experience is required)




Question - Required - Please indicate which age groups you would be willing to work with. Please note that while MS Society staff will do their best to honor these preferences, this is not always possible. In addition, counselors must be a minimum of five years older than their assigned age group.
Please make between 1 and 9 selections from the choices below.


Counselor Experience

  Counselors are paired into teams to supervise campers for the week. We strive to create strong volunteer teams by assigning people together who can balance one another's skillsets. To help us do so, please respond to the following questions. Please note your responses will not impact the volunteer selection and acceptance process.  
Question - Required - When you are getting to know new people, would you say you are:

Question - Required - On a scale 1 to 5, with one being extremely uncomfortable, 3 being neutral, and 5 being extremely comfortable, how comfortable are you addressing conflict with your peers?

Question - Required - Would you rather:

Question - Required - When are you most energetic?




First-Time MS Adventure Camp Volunteers

If this will be your first time volunteering at MS Adventure Camp, we ask that you submit a minimum of two references within 2 weeks of completing your application.  References must be non-family members and at least one must be a present or former teacher, employer, pastor or other person of authority.  Please send this survey to your references and ask them to submit a copy within one week of your application submission.  If your references require a paper copy, please do not hesitate to reach out the camp director.


Volunteer Consent


I agree to maintain the confidentiality and privacy standards of the Society and will not disclose, reveal, or use confidential or proprietary information of the Society, its participants, or volunteers without express authorization. This includes, but is not limited to, all medical and personal health information I may obtain about event participants while volunteering.

Weapons are strictly prohibited at all Society events, and I agree not to bring a weapon of any kind to the event, including all pre- and post-event activities.

I understand that I will only accept positions that I am physically and mentally capable of performing. In the event I witness any activity that will impede safety I will immediately notify my supervisor to help reduce the likelihood of harm.

To the extent that I use any equipment of the Society, or its agents, in my role as a volunteer, then such use shall at all times be in compliance with the Society’s Acceptable Use Policy, which I acknowledge that I have received, read, and fully understand and agree to adhere to.



Photography and Website Release

I hereby grant full permission to Society to use, reuse, reproduce, publish, or republish any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of my participation in this event, including all Society sponsored pre and post event activities, in any medium now known or hereafter developed, alone or in conjunction with other material, without restriction as to changes or alterations, as well as to use my name, voice, likeness, and/or other indicia of identity, for editorial, educational, promotional, advertising, and commercial purposes, including without limitation in connection with the solicitation of contributions and the furtherance of the corporate objectives of Society. Further, I relinquish all rights, title, and interest in any and all photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or other records of MS Adventure Camp I may take or capture to Society.

I grant permission for the Society to publish and recognize my participation in Camp on its website and have reviewed and consented to the Society’s Online Privacy Policy found at www.nationalmssociety.org/HelpfulLinks/Legal-Notice-Privacy-Policy/Privacy-Policy.



MS Adventure Code of Conduct

All MS Adventure Camp participants are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct. Please review this document here.



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Zero-Tolerance Policy

At the National MS Society, we are committed to embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do, and we have zero tolerance of any ill treatment towards any person in the MS movement.

Everyone who shares our vision of a world free of MS is welcome here. Hatred is not.

This work is a journey requiring commitment, accountability, transparency and courage. We know it will not be easy, but we are going to do it anyway. We are not striving for perfection, only intention and action as we move forward. We extend grace and empathy to everyone who wants to join us on this journey of learning, growth and change. However, we will not tolerate acts of harassment and discrimination.

The National MS Society is here for every person with MS — we always will be — until we find a cure. We embrace and are committed to bringing our entire MS community together, representative of all the dimensions of diversity, so that everyone feels at home and supported by their National MS Society.


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