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2018 bike MS ~ New Bern NC ~ Whatever It Takes!

It is time to ride again and I am so excited! Another winter is coming to an end, temperatures are warming and the ‘Great Outdoors’ is calling my name! Welcome to another year of Team Tatem Bike MS! The first newsletter is so hard to write because I have because I have 5 months of events bottled up inside and I can’t get them all in one update.

This year’s slogan is ‘Whatever It Takes’ and there are several reasons for it:
• You will read below the progress that has been made finding a cure for MS and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to end this disease
• Secondly, the past three years Team Tatem has come in 8th (2015) 3rd (2016) and 5th (2017) in total fund raising. Last year we were in 3rd place after the New Bern Ride but late donations received by other riders pushed us back to fifth place.

This year’s goal is to finish #1! It will take everyone’s help but my gut tells me we will make it happen!

Exciting news regarding advances in MS research and finding a cure!

Significant research advances were made in 2017, offering new leads toward a world free of MS. In 2017 the MS Society invested $40 million for new and ongoing research projects and initiatives. This year, the first therapy specifically for primary progressive MS was approved by the FDA. Progress occurred in many other areas that will ultimately lead to prevention and a cure.

STOPPING MS – Toward New Therapies and New Understanding
• FDA approved Ocrevus™ for people with primary progressive MS or relapsing MS. The Society funded early laboratory and clinical work on B cell therapy that led to this first disease modifying treatment for progressive MS.
• In the largest clinical trial yet in children and adolescents with MS, oral fingolimod (Gilenya®) reduced the annual number of relapses by 82% over two years. After two years, 86% had not experienced a relapse.
• Results of a phase 2 trial of oral ibudilast in people with progressive forms of MS suggested it significantly slowed the rate of brain atrophy (shrinkage), which has been linked to cognitive and physical disability in MS.
• A clinical trial in the United Kingdom began with Society co-funding, testing the ability of statins (cholesterol-reducing drugs) to slow secondary progressive MS.
ENDING MS – Exploring Risk Factors to Understand and Prevent MS
• A large-scale study in Sweden suggested that teens who experience head trauma leading to concussion, especially more than once, are significantly more likely to develop MS. This finding does not mean that all teens who experience concussion will develop MS.
• Researchers in Denmark and Boston, funded in part by the National MS Society, reported that newborns with low blood levels of vitamin D were at increased risk of developing MS later in life, adding to growing evidence for low vitamin D levels as a potential risk factor for MS.
• New studies from the U.S. and Germany, funded in part by the National MS Society, add mounting evidence to the potential role that intestinal bacteria play in the brain inflammation that underlies MS. This offers hope that probiotic approaches may be developed and tested to help reduce MS activity.
These and many more projects funded by YOU through your donations are helping to researchers see a light at the end of the tunnel. There is still much to you and your continued support is making a difference!

One last point, due to a formal census never being conducted to identify the number of people in the United States affected by MS, it was estimated 400,000 people had the disease. It has now been determined 1,000,000 people in the US are impacted! Many of you know someone who does, please help them today by supporting Team Tatem.

Through your generosity we raised $13,710 last year to fight MS. This year’s goal is not a dollar amount but a simple number… #1 Thank you for your generosity!

Donations can be made easily on-line by clicking and following these instructions:
• At the top right of the page click DONATE
• Enter my name Maurice Totty and click Search
• Click Donate: select an amount and confirm the amount in the orange box – if asked, be sure to donate to the 2018 New Bern ride only
• Enter Billing Information and click PROCESS.

If donating by check please make payable to Multiple Sclerosis Society and mail to: Maurice Totty, 2109 Taramar Lane, Zebulon NC 27597.

Let this be the year we make a difference for MS. Progress continues to be made to find a cure and it will be accomplished with your help! If you would like to ride as part of Team Tatem you can register today at!

Date: September 8 - 9, 2018
Start/Finish Location: Union Point Park, New Bern, NC

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Progress: 176.5889%

Goal $18,000.00 Achieved $31,786.00

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