Bike MS: Deception Pass Classic 2018

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The SAP Concur team was initiated in 2013, quickly grew the following year, and continues to be a popular and important event to many employees every year. In five years of participation, the SAP Concur team has raised a grand total of $564,551.81!!

Best year ever...again
The employees at SAP Concur haven’t wavered even a little bit in their commitment to raising awareness and money for research to end MS. Together, we plan to pedal like the devil is chasing us, until the cure is found. Please join us. Experience the bonds of strong community and the joy of helping those living with MS. Oh yeah, and the bike ride is spectacular too.

In the beginning
The Bike MS ride is an idea that started in Steve Singh’s heart for “how the world should work” and in his head that “there has to be a better way.” Living, loving, and working alongside someone that has or is touched by a debilitating disease like MS, compelled Steve to act. We carry this tradition on every year.

Special memories
In 2014 the team rode in honor of Liz Hilton and employee Matthias Preble. Watch:
In 2015 we got to kick off the entire ride on behalf of long-time Concur employee Anton Faulk’s dad. Watch:
Do you have someone you'd like to be remembered during the 2018 ride?

Don't miss being a part of this incredible event:

    • You don’t have to ride far. (Four different routes: 22, 59, 80, and 100 miles.)
    • You don’t have to ride fast. (Not kidding--this is allowed.)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Mead




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